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Dzongkha is the official language of Bhutan.

Languages of Bhutan

Languages of BhutanLanguage & Medium of Communication in Bhutan
Languages of Bhutan Dzongkha, literally meaning the language spoken in administrative centers Dzongs, is the national language of Bhutan. Widely spoken in western region of the country, Dzongkha declared as state language in 1971. Bhutan in general is multi-lingual society with over nineteen dialects spoken throughout the country. Besides Dzongkha, there are three other prominent languages i.e., 'Tshanglakha also known as Sharchokpa and spoken in eastern Bhutan,' Lhotshamkha' also known as Nepalese and spoken in southern region and 'Bumthangkha', spoken in central Bhutan.

English is widely spoken as is medium of instruction in schools and locals at major tourist towns and centers communicate exceedingly well in English language. Due to Bhutan's proximity with India and excellent relationship between two neighbours resulting in regular travel and that combined with popularization of Hindi movies and TV programs within the country, Hindi is also amazingly well understood and spoken by locals.

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