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Popular religious festival or Tshechu in Bhutan - Lhuntse Tshechu

Lhuntse Tshechu - Popular Festivals in Bhutan

The ancient region of Kurtoe or Lhuntse as it is known today, lies in north-eastern corner of Bhutan. This historically important ancestral home of Bhutan Kings hosts several sacred sites. The landscape around Lhuntse is spectacular with stark cliffs towering above river gorges and dense coniferous forests.  The region is also famous for its weavers and their distinctive intricately woven textiles called Kishuthara.


The Tshechu in Lhuntse is celebrated in the month of November, December and people from near & far flocked at the courtyard of the Dzong to witness dzongkhag’s biggest festival and to pay their respect to the sacred relics that are displayed during three-day festival. Several mask dances such as Sachhog Zhana cham, Sha Zam Cham, Daegye Bakcham and other cultural performances displayed during festival and the event ends with unfurling of Guru’s Thongdroel for public veneration. Festival attendees believe to cleanse their sins by witnessing religious performances and receive blessings from sacred relics.

(Photo credit: Lhuentse Dzongkhag Administration)

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