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Testimonials and Reviews of the service provided by Visitbhutan.Com

Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and Reviews

You may have noticed that in most of the commercial website only ‘100% positive’ testimonials given by the customers are included. Ours is a little different... we have uploaded the unedited feedback forms or emails those our valued customer have filled up/sent after experiencing our service in ‘the land of happiness’. This will surely give you the exact idea of how/what our customer have evaluated our services. Please click on the each forms/mails and see what our past customers have to say about us...


From: Ashish Mehra
Sent: Monday, April 09, 2018 1:33 PM
To: Anup

Dear Akhilesh and Anup Ji,

Thank you for the wonderful arrangement, our trip was very pleasant and comfortable. 

All the arrangements were wonderful. Our guide 'Tshering' and driver 'Ashish Chettri' both were extremely cordial and helpful during our visit, I would also like to recommend them for your future travelers and groups. 

We loved how all the information about the country along with details about the places to visit were provided to us, which was very useful. The variety of places included in our itinerary covered our 4 days comfortably.

One very small suggestion I feel can help some travelers is inclusion or suggestions of some ideal places to eat, providing them some places to try local or any other cuisines during their stay. 

All in all, it was a very pleasant and enjoyable experience; we thank you for the same. 

Warm Regards,

Ashish Mehra


From: Sundaram Parthasarathi
Sent: Sunday, September 10, 2017 10:13 PM
To: Anup
Subject: Bhutan Holiday Feedback

Bhutan Holiday
It was a great holiday. From the time we landed at Paro, it was a very wonderful experience. The Driver Mr.Jigme and the Guide Mr. Wangchuk were both very friendly and had a good sense of humour. They would sing along with us some of the Hindi songs. Mr. Wangchuk, provided a lot of information about each place before the visit and also during the visit. If the driver and Guide are good then the trip will be a good one.
The hotels at Thimpu, and Punaka were good. The staff were friendly and very hospitable. In Thimpu, the hotel rooms did not have ceiling fans and so in the nights it was a bit warm. Plus there were so many street dogs that were barking the whole night. It was very uncomfortable for a light sleeper. Otherwise the rooms were spacious, good and clean.
The best of the hotels was Kichu Resort near the river Paro. Here again, the staff were very hospitable and the rooms were very good. Breakfast and dinner at all the three hotels were good
We thank Visit / Eco Expeditions and Tours Pvt. Ltd for the good arrangements done.      


From: Surekha Dhaleta
Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2017 5:27 PM
To: Anup; Anup K; Dr. Akhilesh Singh
Cc: Shivani Maunta; Himkiran Maunta
Subject: A heartfelt Thanks for Bhutan trip

Dear All, 
Anup, Ms. Sonam, Sonam and Karma! 

Greetings from Delhi! 
We would like to express my earnest thanks to all of you for arranging such a lovely and memorable trip to Thimpu and Paro for me and my sister.

 We would convey our heartfelt   thanks to all of you and your team. Specially Anup for ensuring our smooth trip, as well informing us till the last bit.  Our  two guidelines for the trip Sonam and Karma  need  special mention as they both took  extra effort to make us comfortable and had that patience to wait for us till we did that extra shopping, as well while taking the uphill trek to Tiger's nest.  Sonam made us more knowledgeable about his country, also on the socio-economic set up also,  and of course we need to explore more. It was very  nice of Ms. Sonam to have a conversation with us and get updates on our stay and travel. 

 Would like to express  that Bhutan is such a beautiful place to be in and it corresponds with its name the land of happiness. The serenity, the natural bounty, the traffic lights less city and town, the overarching mountains, the cascading rivers,  the simplicity and grace of the people does  make it a beautiful place and the zeal of the people to uphold their tradition  and legacy and  these all make a wonderful collage  which gets etched in memories. 

Though we could more connect with Bhutan because of our hilly roots coming from the famous hill station of Shimla, and were trying to look for similarities in our cultures, which do get congruent at places, especially  red rice.  However, the peace and calm is lost in our hill stations. 

All places visited were beautiful  highlight of our trip was of course the Tiger's Nest Trek, which was worth doing. 

We thank you for all the effort you all have put in for making our stay memorable and we would definitely like to explore Bhutan more in near future and hopefully soon. 

For future would like to add local cuisine in our meal one day, as well  a glance at dances of bhutan, as well if the room in Paro hotel could have been more lighted it could be of great help. 

Thanks indeed for all the comfort and hospitality provided. 

Best Regards

Surekha Dhaleta and Shivani Maunta. 


On Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 4:47 PM, AMRESH NAKHAWA > wrote:
Dear All,

This mail is regarding my Feedback on my Family Trip to Bhutan.
My Family wanted to explore Bhutan as destination for memorable tour. So spoke to Rajeev Gurung, regarding my tour plans. In regards to my Bhutan Tour Itinerary I spoke to Rajeev Gurung and was pleased to talk to him as he was really polite and very helpful. He answered all my queries with ease and showed very good and positive eagerness to answer all my questions. I am very happy with the way your Rajeev & Anamika are working and handling all guests. It really gives a very good impression about Eco Expedition & Tours Pvt. Ltd.
I would like to thank Rajeev Gurung for designing such a wonderful, amazing and unforgettable trip to Bhutan. It was a great and well-arranged trip. I shall surely consider my future trips through Eco Expedition & Tours Pvt. Ltd.

Everything was so smooth and we didn't face a glitch anywhere during the tour. Even we were warmly and with SMILE received by representatives of Norbu Bhutan at the Airport. All our Hotel at Tara Pheneyling, Thimpu, Dragon Nest,Punakha & Khangkhu Resort ,Paro were in excellent location. Especially, our Hotels Dragon Nest at Punakha was on river Bank and Khangkhu Resort at Paro was close to the Airport. My family has amazing holiday at Bhutan and the Hotels arranged were really good and we didn't face any problem. Everything was pretty well arranged by Rajeev. It was quite a memorable trip for the four of us.

Our Bhutan Tour Guide Ms.Sonam Wangmo (cell Number 17375930 as per the trail mail from Rajeev) was excellent and she get 200% rating on her courteous, polite, soft spoken and friendly behaviour. Sonam is an ASSET to Norbu Bhutan Travel Pvt. Ltd. She is well read and has all information about Bhutan, sightseeing as well as on all general information which keep Guest happy. She was always with SMILING Face to serve my family. She was punctual and use to be ready before time on all the days of our tour.
Taking into account her approach towards the Guest, we would recommend and appreciate if she is PROMOTED to next higher level as per Norbu Bhutan’s Travel Pvt. Ltd policy. She really deserves it.

Our Driver Tsange was with us for 8 days was really good and he covered most of the
Sightseeing and we were really satisfied. He was also co-operative. During our entire Tour he was safe driver. Friendly in nature and is always smiling.

We also will like to thank Ms.Anamika, for arrangement excellent flight Travel. My family members did not have any issues while Air Travel. Anamika kept her promise by providing Window seats to my Son & Daughter.
As a positive feedback I will share all the names in the reference along with contact number to my friends.

Request Sonam Pelden to show this mail to our Guide Sonam Wangmo. 

Warm Regards
Amresh Nakhawa
Head - HR 
ACC Limited
Thane - 400 604 


From: anu <>
Date: Thu, Jul 6, 2017 at 7:04 PM
Subject: TRIP TO BHUTAN JUNE 18-23
To: Anup <>

Dear Anupji,

We had a wonderful trip to Bhutan from June 18th to 23rd.
You had made very good arrangements and we did not face any problems at all.
We were received by our lady guide at the airport. She accompanied us till we checked into our hotel in Thimpu.
As she was not keeping well we had another guide from Day 2.
His name was Jamyong . He was so positive, fresh, full of life and singing and entertaining us.
He had such good knowledge about every place and structure.
At the end of the trip he became such good friends with all of us.
We had a very good van for the six of us with ample space to carry our bags.
We had a very experienced driver too.
We stayed at Peaceful resort in Thimpu. It was away from the central market place.But we liked the hotel. The rooms were good. The food there was very good. Indians will love the food at the hotel. Thimpu is an amazing place to shop and very reasonable priced too. I am saying this so you can guide people in future too. If We need to buy gifts and souveniers, Thimpu is best. Behind the Taj hotel they have a row of 20 handicraft shops with ladies actually making the stuff.
From Thimpu we went to Wangdue . We stayed at Punatsangchhu cottages. Beautiful location. Good food.
Loved the river rafting, which is not to be missed by anybody. We went from there to Paro.
I found the food and shopping in Paro very expensive.
But we stayed at this amazing hotel Olathang. We had this individual cottages, ample greenery and so serene.
We trekked to Tigers nest the second last day.
It took us the whole day as it was raining and the path was very difficult to trek.
But it was such an amazing experience.
Our entire group made it to the top and back.
That night we had hot stone bath with medicinal leaves added to the water.
That was another unique experience.
Also in Bhutan they accept rs 500 and rs 2000 notes.
So please advice people to carry the larger denominations too.
I think after my return I have been suggesting to all my friends to visit Bhutan.
All of us will return too.
We loved the country so much.
Thanks for organizing a wonderful trip for our family.
If you need any more specific detail do let me know. I think I have overall summed up everything.
Anuradha Meyyappan.


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