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Useful words & phrases in Bhutan

Useful words & phrases while traveling in Bhutan

Useful words & phrases while traveling in BhutanUseful words & phrases

Dzongkha is the national language of Bhutan. The word ‘Dzongkha’ means the language (kha) spoken in Dzong. Dzongs are the fortresses established throughout Bhutan by religious leader Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal in the 17th century.


Conversation Dzongkha

Greetings / Hello : Kuzoozangpo La (Response is also Kuzoozangpo La)
Welcome : Joen pa Leg So
How are you : Ga Day Bay Zhu Yoe Ga ?
I’m fine : Nga Leg shom Bay Rang Yoey
Good wishes : Tashidelek !
Thank you : Kaadinchhey La
What is your name ? : (for elders with respect) Na gi Tshen Ga Chi Mo ?
What is your name ? : (for peers) : Chhoey gi Ming Ga chi Mo ?
My name is : …. Ngegi Ming…………… Ein
Where are you from ? : Chhoey ga te lay mo ?
How old are you ? : Kay Lo gadem chi Ya shi ?
Good Bye : Log Jay Gay (means we’ll meet again)
Where does this road lead to ? : Lam dig a thay jow mo ?
Is it far : Tha ring sa in-na
Here : Na / Nalu
There : Pha / Phalu
Where ? : Ga tey ?
Which ? : Gadee ?
In front of : Dongkha
Next to : Bolokha
Behind : Japkha
What is this ? : Ani ga chi mo ?
How much is it ? : Dilu gadem chi mo ?
That’s too much : Gong bom may
Who is speaking ? : Ga Sung Mo La ?
I’m speaking : Nga……………Zhu Do la
Yes, Yes : Ong, Ong
I’m sick : Nga nau may
Water : Chhu
Hot water : Chhu Tshe
Milk Tea : Na Ja
Butter Tea : Su Ja


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